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In April 2018 EZee Cleaning was officially born.

The business came from 2 smaller cleaning businesses owned by Emma and Zoe separately. As we had already known each other for many years already we decided to put the businesses together and become business partners and fellow grime fighters. You may even say we are partners in grime.

We pride ourselves on our cleaning service being the best, we care about the cleaning and the customer service equally and we hire cleaners who care just as much as we do.

If you are looking for a super cleaning company with an emphasis on excellent customer service, then look no further we are here to save the day!

The EZee Cleaning Code

Be A Team

Be Honest

Be Positive

Be Proud


I am originally from Stratford-upon-Avon but was a military child and moved to various places until I was 12 when we moved back to Bolton, which is where my mum was from. I have lived in Bolton ever since and I now have 2 children who attend local schools here.

Interesting fact about me is my grandad was the Campbell Benjamin OBE who was Mayor of Bolton from 1993 to 1994.

In the business I mainly handle the finances and HR, I am very organised, I love nothing more than making Emma a massive to do list and highlighting it in lots of colours. She ignores it most of the time but I won’t give up - my mum didn’t raise a quitter.

In my spare time (us business owners love pretending we know what spare time is) I like to take the kids out for walks and to theme parks or just sitting in peace watching corrie or only fools and horses. I am really proud of the business we are building, even when it is really hard work we try to build the business around providing an excellent service and having fun doing it.


I am originally from Bolton and live here with my family, I have 3 children who attend local schools and I love owning a business here. We come across so many amazing and interesting people, whether they be clients, our team or other local business owners that we speak to.

I work on the customer side of our business and mainly handle sales and quality control so new and existing clients come to me with any queries they may have regarding our cleaning service.

I’d love to say I have really interesting hobbies like rock climbing or kayaking but honestly, I love watching true crime documentaries and eating chocolate mostly. I love going to fun places with the kids and pretending it is for their benefit and there I am on the high board jumping into a foam pit while the kids pretend that they have never even met me before. I just love the simple things in my personal life, I love to laugh and have fun. I am so proud to be a business owner in Bolton and I am proud to be building this business focusing on excellent customer care and being an employer that our team can be proud of too.


01204 770667

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